Pet Appreciation Week!

Pet Appreciation Week!


Have you heard? The time is here! The first week of June is National Pet Appreciation Week.

Webster’s Dictionary defines appreciation as a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude.  Googling the word appreciation turned up this definition: the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

It can be so easy to get involved in the day to day responsibilities of life, and to forget to truly appreciate, to truly honor, respect, and delight in your pet.  So, in honor of Pet Appreciation Week, celebrated the first week in June, let’s devote each day of the week to an action that will show our pets just how grateful we are for them.

Sunday: HONOR your pet by choosing wisely.  Thinking about adopting a new pet? Select a pet that is right for your lifestyle.  Have plenty of time and energy to walk a dog every day?  A lab or a terrier is your speed.  Live a quieter lifestyle and need a lower key pet?  Adopt an adult feline that you click with. Surveys show that pet owners say that they feel a deeper connection with their rescued pets. Why not today? Ask us for information on local rescues.

Monday: RESPECT your pet by setting him up for success.  You can brush up on ways to respect your cat by keeping up with flea and tick prevention and keeping regular vet visits.  Prepare your pet for a variety of situations, from greeting visitors politely to behaving in the vet’s office.  It is also important to socialize and train your pet. Respect starts from the beginning. Your pet loves you.

Tuesday: VALUE your pet’s health.  Help him maintain a healthy weight by providing plenty of exercise and play time.  Not only does exercise help dogs stay healthy and agile, it can also eliminate digestive problems and reduce unwanted behaviors like destructive chewing and barking. Keep your pet regular on heartworm prevention. In our hospital alone, 7 dogs have been diagnosed heartworm positive since January 1,2019. Vectra 3D topical is one of the flea and tick preventions we keep on hand. Vectra 3D deters mosquitoes. Mosquitoes that have bitten heartworm positive dogs are carriers of the disease. Doubling your pet on Interceptor Plus heartworm prevention and Vectra 3D flea and tick prevention is the ultimate defense against the disease.

Wednesday: Take INTEREST in your pet’s well-being.  Keep regular vet visits, and maintain dental health.  Oral hygiene is as important to your pet’s health as it is to your overall wellness. There are several reasons as to why a pet might not be eating. Could it be a toothache?

Thursday: ACCOUNT for your pet by spaying or neutering to avoid unplanned pregnancies.  Spaying or neutering your dog or cat prevents unwanted puppies or kittens.

Friday: REGARD your pet by making him a part of your emergency plan.  ID your pet, know your pet’s favorite places to hide, and attach window clings to notify emergency personnel that there are pets in your home.

Saturday: DELIGHT in your pet.  Your pet has the power to lift your mood, lower your blood pressure, and benefit your kids’ immune systems.  The least you can do is give him a lifetime of love.  Senior dogs can be tough to care for. We provide Canine Annual Health packages for senior pets that ensure a yearly update in the health. The package is includes a Wellness exam with an intestinal parasite exam, bloodwork, heartworm test, urinalysis, vaccinations and a thyroid test providing a full work up depicting your pet’s health.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go appreciate your pet.  Show him the love, honor, and respect he deserves! Share the pets you appreciate with us on our Facebook page.

Stop by for a nail trim, exam, your pet’s food or just to say hello to our furry friends behind the front desk.

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